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A Brief History About Frisbee

The idea of throwing around flat circular objects has been around for hundreds of years. But the concept of this as a sport did not develop until the early 20th century. The object of choice was round pie tins. In the late 1940’s, two former World War II pilots decided to manufacture a plastic version of the popular pie tins. Called the “Flyin’ Saucer” and the “Pluto Platter,” sales for these toys were not successful.

It wasn’t until the founders of Wham-O saw a demonstration of these disks that they began to take off. They renamed it the “Frisbee,” after the Frisbee Baking Company in Bridgeport, Connecticut. It seems that many of the pie tins came from this company and were marked with the name. When the tins where thrown, the thrower would yell, “Frisbee,” a kind of “heads up.” As the disks began to become more popular in their plastic version, the name stuck and a legend was born.

There are some basic fundamentals to follow when throwing a Frisbee. You should step towards your target or at least shift your weight from your back foot to your front foot. Try to follow through with your shoulders, hips, and legs. The straighter your arm, the farther the disk will go.

Catching is fairly straightforward. You will need to catch with a firm grip, as the disk is always spinning. When catching low flying disks, your thumb will be on the top of the disk. High flying catches have the thumb on the bottom of the disk.

Once you’ve got the basics down, you can add special effects. Try twisting your body around, spinning, or doing acrobatic maneuvers. There are even special grips you can use to add more spin to your Frisbee throw. You may also want to check out the various new disks that are on the market now, including rings and special Frisbee-type disks with added features. And anyone with a dog knows that you can’t beat a romp in the park playing Frisbee with your pet.

So try your hand at this sport that is accessible to everyone, young and old. It may even bring back a bit of nostalgia as you relearn all of your old moves!

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